Thankful two-fer

I’m thankful for two things today:

  1. My supportive workplace:  it’s been a hard few months for me with a few late mornings. I’m thankful to have the flexibility to call in late and have that received with understanding, as long as the work is getting done.  Being able to work in an environment that is focused on outcomes, and aware that life can be messy, makes me more committed to and grateful for my job.
  2. Family night: after walking the dog, making dinner and doing the dishes, I got to cuddle on the couch with my 10 year old stepdaughter, husband and dog watching Shrek III.  We could have been watching grass grow – I wouldn’t care.  Just to spend time with these people (and dog) who enrich my life is a treat.  And it helps that Shrek III includes female fairy tale characters stepping up and taking charge instead of waiting to be rescued.

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