Early Returns Favorable

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We’re in our second round of testing the new StayWell website and online individual action plan. Early impressions are favorable.

As I’ve talked about before, this year we’re involving lots of testers who are not a part of our team. We’ve got bus drivers, bus mechanics, office workers, older people, younger people, people who love the program and people who would be happy not to have to participate.

What we’re hearing back is favorable overall. People are saying that the flow is much easier than WebMD. They also really like that you don’t have to enter activity the week you do it, but you can go back in time. This was big for us. With WebMD we initially put the “gating” in to pace people over six weeks. Consistent with evidence on behavior change, we believed the pacing would help people successfully establishing a habit. The feedback we got was that it felt too controlling. Participants said loud and clear they could be trusted to do the activity, and they wanted to be able to enter it when it was convenient for them. So, it’s good to hear the positive reaction to being able to enter activity anytime.

The biggest issue we’re having comes when someone selects an individual action plan. Right now, it shows you immediately that you have selected the IAP, but it doesn’t take you to where you register for the IAP. This is a major kink. If people aren’t taken to this page, the flow of the experience is interrupted and the frustration barometer goes up.

StayWell is working on the fix and we know this will be a major factor in whether or not we can deliver the GREAT experience we promised.

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